Australia’s most Deadly & Dangerous creatures – and most popular silver coins!

Eagerly anticipated by thousands of coin collectors around the globe, the annual launch of each coin in the Deadly & Dangerous Silver Proof Coin Series has become an event in itself. The excitement is partly inspired by the sell-out and subsequent dramatic rise in secondary-market value of the first issue in the series – the 2006 Red-Back Spider 1oz Silver Proof. Ongoing demand for this coin is so strong that examples regularly sell for more than $1,400 on the open market, and many of the other issues in the series are not far behind.

The 5,000-coin limited edition of the 2006 Red-Back Spider 1oz Silver Proof sold out, and so has the 5,000-coin limited edition of each of its seven successors. Demand for the latest coin in the Silver Proof coin series, soon to be announced, is expected to be just as overwhelming.

The process for creating a coin from a silver blank is called ‘striking’, and from the very beginning, the Deadly & Dangerous Silver Series has been struck by the Perth Mint – known as Australia’s leading precious metal specialists. Using one troy ounce (1oz) of 99.9% pure silver, the Mint strikes the coin using a specialised method of production known as ‘Proof’ standard. Recognised as ‘the pinnacle of the minter’s art’, Proof standard striking produces a coin of truly exquisite quality, underpinned by detail, lustre and beauty.

It is a difficult approach to manufacturing coins, and much more rigorous than the process employed to produce the circulation coins in your pocket. This naturally results in the increased desirability of Proof coins on the collector market. In the case of collector coins such as the Deadly & Dangerous 1oz Silver Proof, a special layer of colour is also applied, lending a detailed realism to the fearsome creature depicted on the surface of the coin.