2014 Spider-Hunting Scorpion 1oz Silver Proof Mood ShotA sensational addition to one of the hottest programs in global numismatics, the 9th issue of the Australian Deadly & Dangerous Silver Proof Series honours the fearsome Spider-Hunting Scorpion. Evolving over 430 million years, and distinguished by large pincers and twisting tail topped with a stinger, the instantly recognisable physique of the scorpion inevitably evokes fear in the observer. The stuff of nightmares, the fact that the Spider-Hunting Scorpion viciously pursues another of humankind’s most dreaded creatures only intensifies that fear! A typically vivid illustration of the Perth Mint’s fullcolour minting techniques, the unnerving appearance of the Spider-Hunting Scorpion has been captured perfectly upon the crown-sized 40.60mm flan of this dramatic legal tender release. Struck to Proof quality from 1oz of pure 99.9% silver, this coin is a must-have for those who own any of its predecessors in the Deadly & Dangerous Series – each of which has sold out and soared in value.  

  • Mintage restricted to a mere 5,000 – as with EVERY sold-out Deadly & Dangerous $1!
  • Distinguished by a frightening full-colour appreciation of the Spider-Hunting Scorpion
  • Crafted to flawless Proof quality from a troy ounce of pure, lustrous 99.9% silver
  • Struck by Australia’s precious metal specialists – the Perth Mint – as official Tuvalu legal tender
  • Beautifully presented within a high-gloss timber case, accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity