2013 Yellow Bellied Seasnake 1oz Silver Proof
2013 Yellow Bellied Sea Snake Mood ShotA sensational addition to one of the hottest programs in global numismatics, the latest issue in the Australian Deadly & Dangerous Series honours one of Australia’s most eye-catching snakes – the Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake.

Evolving from terrestrial snakes of Australia and Asia about 10 million years ago, this air-breathing, flat-tailed sea snake is known for its highly potent venom. Containing strong neurotoxins and myotoxins, the Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake’s bite can cause neuromuscular paralysis, whilst a serious bite from its sharp fangs can result in total paralysis and death. A striking example of the Perth Mint’s full-colour minting, the vibrant hues of this ocean-dwelling creature have been captured perfectly upon the 40.60mm flan of the 2013 $1 Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake 1oz Silver Proof.

Struck from 1oz of pure .999 silver, this stunning precious metal Proof is a must-have for those who own any of the previous Deadly & Dangerous coins – each of which has sold out and soared in value.


  • Features a dramatic colour design of the Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake
  • Worldwide mintage restricted to a mere 5,000 coins – sell-out certain!
  • Crafted to immaculate Proof quality from 1oz of pure .999 silver
  • Struck by Australia’s own Perth Mint as official Tuvalu legal tender
  • Presented within a high-gloss timber case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • In the interests of fairness, a limit of one coin per household must apply