2009 Salwater Crocodile 1oz Sliver Proof MoodshotThe fourth issue in the Australia Deadly and Dangerous series was launched to an eager crowd of fans!  Typically stunning example of the peerless full-colour minting technique of The Perth Mint, this outstanding legal tender collector coin honoured one of Australia’s most fearsome creatures – the saltwater Crocodile.

Said by many to be the world’s most largest living reptile the Saltwater Crocodile is found mainly in the north of Australia and is powerful enough to attack beasts such as domestic cattle and horses – as well as humans, of course. An adult male Saltwater Crocodile can weight from 400kg to 1,500kg, and measure 4m to 5m in length. Capable of astonishing bursts of speed when launching an attack, the Saltie uses a ‘death roll’ to unbalance its quarry, before dragging it into water. Capturing the power of the Saltwater Crocodile’s legendary jaws upon the 40.6mm flan, this flawless Silver Proof was keenly sought by colour collectors before its sell-out, and now commands well above issue price on the secondary market.

  • Struck to the pinnacle of Proof quality from 1oz of 99.9% fine silver
  • Graced with a vivid design of Australia’s celebrated Saltwater Crocodile
  • Tiny worldwide mintage just 5,000 – sold-out!
  • Struck by the Perth Mint for Tuvalu as official legal tender of $1
  • Set in a high-gloss timber case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity