2006 Redback Spider 1oz Silver Proof

RBsmallCapturing perfectly the malevolent beauty of Australia’s infamous Red-back Spider, the Perth Mint struck one of the finest coins of the past decade – the first in the immensely popular Deadly & Dangerous Silver Proof Series. A coin that must be seen ‘in the flesh’ to be believed, the high-quality image above does not do justice to the sheer brilliance of the full-colour reverse. One of the best colour coins we have seen, it’s no surprise that the response from collectors was so overwhelming.

Struck from 1oz 99.9% silver, this $1 was inspired by the 50th anniversary of Red-back Spider antivenom. A superbly designed celebration of this breakthrough, bearing a vivid image of an adult Red-back with three baby spiders in a web, the portrayal of this feared red & black arachnid is stunning. Standing out against a pristine mirror field, the Red-back is the ideal subject for the Mint’s full-colour technology.

A complex, intriguing tribute to this deadly and dangerous Australian, the 40mm 2006 $1 Red-back Spider Colour 1oz Silver Proof is also an outstanding presentation. Each Proof $1 is housed in a high-gloss timber case, specifically created for the easy display of a coin that deserves to be put on view.

Initial demand far outstripped supply, and unsurprisingly the small mintage of 5,000 sold out at speed and is now catalogued at more than 10 times issue price.