2017 Deadly and Dangerous - Australia's Bull Shark!

This stunning, full-colour silver Proof pays tribute to one of the most widely feared creatures to grace our planet: the bull shark. Big, blunt-nosed and aggressive in nature, bull sharks enjoy shallow waters like bays, river mouths and estuaries. They can also be found in both salt and fresh water environments – a combination that makes them a fearsome threat to unsuspecting swimmers! They grow well over 2m in length, can weigh up to 130kg and are believed to be responsible for the majority of shark attacks worldwide.

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Pure Silver – Proof Standard

Each coin is struck from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver to Proof quality, ensuring the maximum level of detail and lustre.

Struck by the Perth Mint

Masters of precious metal and colour minting, the Perth Mint ensure that each release is of the highest possible standard of quality.

Crown-sized Legal Tender

The large 40.60mm diameter face of the coin provides the perfect venue for the artwork, and with official legal tender status, you can rest assured that all specifications are government backed.

Sell-out Coin Series

With every release to date completely sold out, the chance to own a silver coin from the Deadly & Dangerous series doesn’t come around very often – don’t miss yours!

The Deadly & Dangerous series is struck by the Perth Mint at the request of Downies Coins Pty Ltd. With their unique understanding of the market, Downies has stepped beyond the traditional boundaries of numismatics and, working with some of the world’s greatest mints, have played a major role in some of the most popular recent numismatic issues.